Do you want to do something different? Tired of going where everyone else go? Visiting the Albufera Natural Park, Saler Beach and the small towns around them would be a good choice. The good weather and the flatness of the roads will allow you to complete this bike tour with no much trouble. This option will give you the freedom you are looking for plus you won’t have to worry about bus schedules or depending on a car. And, of course, exercising a bit always feels good, right? Here you have some details about this bike route: 

Distance: 17 km from Valencia old town (Ciutat Vella) to Albufera view point. You will find mostly good roads and bike lanes. From there, you can extend the route as much as you want: ride the whole Natural Park, get another way back to Valencia, visiting some souther beaches… Note: Once outsite Valencia city the use of helmet is compulsary.

What to see: On this route you could discover some of the most characteristic landscapes of Valencia: Turia Gardens, City of Arts and Sciences, Saler and Pinedo beaches, the rice fields, the traditional valencian houses, barraca, and Albufera Natural Park. The albufera looks amazing at anytime but at sunset is stunning.

Traditional ‘barraca’ in El Palmar

What to do: apart of having a nice outdoor activity and enjoying the amazing landscapes this tour has to offer, there are lots of things to do: going for a boat ride, visiting some of the barraca-museum, spending some time in the beach among the dunes or cycle a little farther to reach El Palmar and taste some local gastronomy (paella, all-i-pebre…)
Note: the 2018 best paella prize went to a restaurant in El Palmar.

If you want to go on your own, we will provide you everything you need: full equiped bike, helmet (compulsory once you leave Valencia city), tools for fixing a flat tyre, and all kind of recomendations.

And if you prefer us going with you we would organize a route acording with your preferences and needs so you don’t have to worry but to enjoy.  We would see together all possible options, no rush at all. The only objective is you to enjoy 100% this experience.

Rani and Cedric among the dunes at el Saler beach

So we did with Rani and Cedric,  two lovely students from Belgium who came to Valencia to celebrate their anniversary. They decided the best for this route was to started in the morning so at 10am we leave Tricycling shop, in Carmen District (Valencia city center). Soon after we arrived to the Turia Gardens, always busy even a Sunday morning. Here they could know a bit more about the history of the big flood that took place a few decades ago, the origin of Europe longest garden. We ride under Serranos, Flowers, Calatrava bridges… and hit the City of Arts and Sciences. Imposible take no pictures at this point.

Then we left the gardens to ride more and more into the rural landscapes, leaving behind the city. By noon we were in the small town of Pinedo where Cedric and Rani felt like eating something watching the ocean. In this area you can enjoy not only the local gastronomy we talked about before, but some cultural traditions like ‘Esmorzaret’: valencian word for a kind of brunch or mid- morning snack. Altough it is also traditional in other parts of Spain, we are proud to say that in Valencia it is something special and at very good value. Specially appealing after a good pedaling!

With the batteries charged again, we crossed Saler beach and its dunes and reached Albufera small dock to enjoy a boat ride in the lagoon. Did you know that the word ‘Albufera’ comes from the arabic and means ‘small sea’. That’s because its a small lake of salty water separated from the sea by a portion of earth but comunicated with the sea through several points. It’s echological importance its huge as, among other reasons, its the home of lots of species in risk. If you pay close attention you will see many different kind of birds.


With a good bunch of beautiful landscapes for the memories, we returned to the city with a big smile in our faces. Rani and Cedric kept the bikes to continuing exploring Valencia on two wheels before coming back to university. They knew is the best way to move around! Thanks a million for trusting us and make us so easy and pleasant our job. See you guys soon! 🙂




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